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Decrease Employee Injury Claims with a Skid Wrapping Machine

For a company to meet the high demands of their customers today, they require a fast and reliable way to ship their products. Before the items are shipped to their destination, the products must be packaged properly to ensure they arrive safely to the customers. While employees can manually wrap pallets for shipping this is a time-consuming process and requires numerous workers to meet the company’s shipment demands. Often employees are injured during the process by the machines that secure the pallets with metal bands. This leads to reduced productivity when the worker is unable to complete their job. However, you can minimize this risk and decrease the chance of an employee being injured with a skid wrapping machine that does not require bands to secure the pallet.

Horizontal Wrapping

A skid wrapping machine designed to horizontally wrap the material around the pallet can lock the merchandise tightly to the skid. This prevents the items from shifting during transportation, and with a tight wrap you reduce the risk of the products spilling over. When bands are not required to secure the items to the pallet, you can save cost on materials in addition to the reduction in work-related injury claims. Improved packaging can help save your company vital time that is essential to the success of your business.

Equipment that Will Pay for Itself

Wisely invest your money into TAB Industries’ pallet wrapping machine that can help save your company money and hassle. Over time, the equipment will pay for itself when you minimize how much is spent on employee injury claims, freight damage costs, and labor. A fast and effective way to secure your merchandise for storage or shipment is a resourceful way to improve the productivity of your company.

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