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An Introduction to Garage Door Operators Inc.

Due to constant urbanization, one may have noticed the plethora of garages found as additions on homes in suburban neighborhoods, or in and around cities on the sides of business locations. Garage doors have become as familiarized to us as our front doors, making the market just as large as any other home improvement. Whether the garage in question is that of the household, or cooperation, these doors can require maintenance to keep them working properly. The Garage Door Company in Charleston WV offers an array of services to insure the quality of the garage.


An abundance of folk find comfort in parking their car in a garage over their driveway, but find it tedious to manually open the door to park. The solution to that problem would be to install an electric door opener. The motor would be mounted on the wall inside, controlling not only the door, but the houselights as well. After instillation and hookup, the consumer can monitor and manage the opener from their smart phone, or computer. The Business Name also presents a multitude of damage repair and insulation services. If you don’t already have a garage, they could install one of those bad boys for you!


Commercial garage doors come in many alternatives to suit any business need, including, but not limited to; rolling counter shutters, overhead sectional doors, roll up sheet doors, and operable walls. Other than the obvious installation services presented, dock equipment can also be purchased to simplify the movement of product through the company. Inspections to account for security are offered, as well as conservation services involving broken springs, damaged doors, slat repair, insulation replacement, and other preventative maintenance programs. Complete door replacements can also be purchased by the consumer.

Founded in 1973, the Garage Door Operators Inc.’s goal is to guarantee safety, quality mobility, and satisfaction to their customers at an affordable price. Their determination and 40 year expertise makes them one of the most popularly trusted garage companies in West Virginia. For more detailed information on the services offered, visit the company’s website: Like us on Facebook.

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