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Spandex Chair Covers Fit Like a Glove!

Are you planning a wedding reception with a long list of guests? If so, you’ve probably already considered investing in chair covers. Whether buying or renting, these simple accessories can do more for the overall look of your reception than almost anything else. But what if you’re worried about taking the time to tie or fix each individual cover in place? After all, receptions don’t set themselves up!

Consider spandex chair covers and consider it taken care of!

Why Spandex?

When most people think of Spandex, they think of cheerleading uniforms or workout gear. They don’t typically think of wedding décor and table accessories. But today’s top wedding designers and decorators would probably be the first to tell them that they should! Spandex is a great additive to any other fabric for creating a smooth, stretchy base. This means that chair covers made with Spandex can be made to fit almost any chair with ease – a level of flexibility that not all banquet chair covers can boast. The best part, though? The slip right on and off and fit perfectly!

The LBD – for Your Table and Chairs

Every woman needs a little black dress. There’s something about slipping into a svelte, perfectly-fitting gown that makes us feel like a million dollars. The same effect can be yours at your wedding reception when you outfit your furniture with Spandex. Yes, even your chairs can look like a million bucks – all without spending anywhere near it! Slip a slinky Spandex chair cover over each chair, then add ribbons, flowers or other décor to dress it up further. Like something simpler? Spandex chair covers can work for your event, too. Choose neutral colors to blend in with a beautiful background or bright, bold shades to create a pop amongst muted décor. Whatever you want in event décor, you can slip it right on and then back off again at the end of the night. Spandex makes it that simple. Ask your linen and party supply retailer about spandex chair covers for your next event. They’ll help make your budget stretch – beautifully!

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