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What are the Benefits of a Vertical Feed Mixer?

When looking for a new feed mixer, there are many things to take into account to ensure that you get the best machine for your needs. Below are the reasons why a vertical feed mixer may be your best bet.


Vertical mixers can mix most types of materials, and as such have great flexibility. Due to their height, vertical mixers can process long-stem hay and can take a full round bale of hay without the use of a bale shredder. A vertical feed mixer is good future-proofing, as its adaptability means that you will be able to adjust to changes in the cost of different types of feed. Additionally, vertical mixers are quick and easy to load even for a single person and once started can complete a mix in a matter of minutes.

Even Mixing

Vertical feed mixers will produce a far more consistent mix, resulting in better gains in cattle production. They can achieve a smooth, even mixture throughout the feed, and operate optimally at 95% capacity, compared to 70% for horizontal mixers. Despite this, they can handle partial rations without loss of consistency. If overfilled, a vertical feed mixer will not sustain damage as the excess will just spill over, and the remaining ration will still mix just as well.

Low Maintenance

Vertical mixers are of simpler construction and do not have as many moving parts, as they rely on gravity and up-and-down movement for mixing. They do not make use of any chains that can break, and as such less goes into maintenance. The simplicity of its construction means that if needed, most spare parts can be found very easily.

If you require a mixer that is flexible, durable and gives you an even mix every time, a vertical feed mixer may be the right machine for you.

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