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Fire Damage and Restoration Options

Fire damage to homes can be disastrous. Even while taking precautions, there is always the possibility that a massive fire can destroy your home. However, there is also the possibility that the damage from the fire only harms your home. There is smoke damage caused by the smoke from the fire, and water damage due to the water being used to put out said fire. Even firefighters whose aim is to put out the fire can cause damage by breaking windows and cutting holes into your home.

Fire Damage Classification

The extent of fire damage can vary based on what class of fire it was. If it was started with flammable items, liquids, or gasses, it’s all classified uniquely. No matter which started the fire that damaged your home, the severity of the damage and restoration that would often be needed varies.

Along with the variety of classes, your insurance also divides fire damage into what are known as primary and secondary damage. Primary fire damage is the damage that was done to the building directly, and solely, by the flames of the fire. The secondary is the damage due to the smoke and soot that act as corrosive substances, which is also the type of damage that is most often found throughout the building.

Fire Damage Restoration

Once you are allowed into your home and begin to evaluate just how much damage has been done after the fire, it is essential that you get in touch with a fire damage restoration contractor. Calling a trusted company will provide you the best results, while maintaining a professional demeanor is something to aim for when looking for a fire damage restoration contractor.

Fire damage is more extensive than it seems, so it’s best to find someone who can identify just how much of your home has been damaged to help you restore your home. Smoke damage is one of the prime concerns and restorations for these companies as smoke and soot make up most of the damage in home fires, leaving behind a scent for far longer than the fire is actually active for.

The Right Contractors

Fire damage restoration contractors work quickly and efficiently to rid your home of that lingering smell and damage. Professional fire damage restoration companies provide the best and most effective restoration to your home so that your worries are minimal, and life can return to normal for you and your family.

The reliable company that you’re looking for is Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration. We are a 24/hour emergency service for those in need of help for their fire damage or even flood damage. You can contact us through our phone number at 406-628-0178 or via our website You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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