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Tips for Successfully Boarding a Dog with Separation Anxiety

When you have a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, it can be stressful to even think about going off on vacation. You don’t want to leave your pet care in New Jersey to a kennel. Your dog may become stressed out and sad because you and your family aren’t there with him. In fact, doing this can lead your anxious dog to panic even worse.

The truth is that separation anxiety is common in dogs, no matter what breed they are. It happens to young dogs and old dogs alike. It also can be seriously dangerous to your dog who may be in distress of being injured. While there is little scientific evidence for why dogs develop separation anxiety, it is a common problem that many pet parents struggle. Here are some of the common factors involved in pets who show separation anxiety.

Factors Relating to Separation Anxiety

  • Lack of exercise and boredom
  • General anxiety
  • Change in routine
  • Being removed from their mother too soon
  • Dramatic life events, such as being abandoned at a shelter.

There are also a few behaviors that are common in dogs with separation anxiety. These dogs are more prone to scratching at walls and doors, trying to escape crates, damaging items in the home, and excessive whining, barking, and salivating.

Ways to Make it Work

There are a few things you can do to make your dog more comfortable before you leave for a trip. We’ll look at those now.

Coping Mechanisms

Before you even think of jetting off somewhere, work on the separation issues. You might begin by leaving the dog alone for very short periods and work that time up if all goes well. Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about other tips with this.

Packing Tips

As you pack items for your pet, make sure you provide reminders of home. It might mean sending his bed, food, toys, and water bowls. You can also include a t-shirt or pillowcase that you use, so he still has your scent available.

Alternate Kennels

Using a luxury kennel may be an option that helps, as your dog will have more activity and attention. These facilities often are open to customizing their services to meet the needs of your pet. Be sure to ask lots of questions and consider a test run before you go on a long vacation.

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