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What is DCP, Choose a Professional for Packaging Today

Digital Cinema Packaging is what theaters get when you’re finished producing and editing. DCP is just a digital version of a film print, and it is beneficial because it allows theaters to project your video using a digital projector. It’s accepted throughout the world, which means your video could circle the globe and reach billions of people.

How it Looks/What to Do

When you or the theater gets the package, it comes in a briefcase with the drive, power brick, instruction manual, power cord, and USB cable. The file has to be uploaded to the DCP server. The best thing to do is to ensure that all the items are there and complete because they must all be used. Some professional services do not include a few things, such as power cords because they expect theaters to have them.

The theater has to ensure there is plenty of space to upload the file, which can take up to two hours to upload, depending on the size of the video.

The Benefits

The primary reason that this technology is so popular is that any digital cinema theater can play it. In fact, they may not need to have the latest technology to play it, though it can affect the outcome slightly. Therefore, you can show it in any city or country in the world. However, keep in mind that you must negotiate with the theater where it is to be shown.

While some still love 35mm file print, it is gone with the times, and most theaters don’t have the equipment to show these films, so if you create it, it’s likely few can see it.

Digital Cinema Packaging is essential so that your video can be seen throughout the world. Visit ChromaVision at to learn more about DCP and how they can help. Follow us on twitter.

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