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Planters: 5 Handy Suggestions to Improve Service Life

Planter maintenance matters. Learn the following pointers and suggestions if you want your farming equipment to last you for a good long while.

Inspect the wheels
Regular inspections and checks for wear and damage help you monitor the health of your equipment. However, be sure to check soil-engaging components in particular like your planter closing wheels. These tend to show wear and damage much sooner than other parts.

Look at the blades
Be on the lookout for any signs of wear on the disc blades. If these are worn out, then you’ll need to replace the blades sooner rather than later. If you don’t, this could lead to bigger problems and costlier repairs. You’ll want to keep that from happening at all costs.

Check the inner scraper
This is the part that protects the seed tube. Damage to this part can easily lead to soil buildup between the opener blades. Don’t worry about spending a lot on getting this fixed, though. A simple blade replacement will do the job quite nicely, the Farm Industry News says.

Assess performance
Another way to check if it’s time to start shopping for planter closing wheels is to assess the performance of the wheels. Are they centered over the seed trench? You may need to tweak planter settings to achieve the results you want.

Shop right
Be sure to shop for the parts you need from reputable suppliers. Don’t take any chances with quality. If you don’t want to end up with poor-performing equipment that’s going to cause more harm than good to your soil and farm, shop right. That’s one way to guarantee to plant ease and success.

These are just a few handy suggestions to help you make your planter last. Save on costs and ensure operational efficiency for your equipment by putting them to good use.

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