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Looking for Home Standby Generators, Find Them in Chicago

Losing power to your home for an hour or so is usually little more than an unwelcome inconvenience. This is certainly not the case when a major storm hits the area, disrupting power for days on end. For those living without home standby generators, life becomes a major struggle. No longer will the food in the refrigerator be edible, mold and mildew quickly form, and, for those living in low-lying areas in and around Chicago, the loss of the sump pump means a wet basement. If the loss of power happens in the dead of a typical Chicago winter, the consequences are far worse. Home standby generators are the obvious solution.

Sizing Generators Is No Longer Difficult

Deciding to invest in a generator is one thing, determining the size is another matter. In the past, selecting the correct generator was tricky; this is no longer the case. Standby generators are rated by their output in kW; Kilowatts. The correct generator is one that provides sufficient power to satisfy the wattage needs of those electrical devices and appliances needed at all times.

Before the advent of the internet, calculations were best done by an electrician. Today, it is far simpler. Generator manufacturers have developed simple sizing tools that can be found on their website, all it takes is the size of the home and a determination of what rooms need to be supplied with power and what appliances must be powered. Although the sizing tool is accurate, a homeowner that is uncertain that he or she has selected the correct generator can have an expert visit their home.

Reliability Ensured

Homeowners in Chicago who have installed generators find them to be reliable, quiet, and easy to maintain. The generator runs on natural gas or LPG, so regardless of how long the power is out, the generator will keep providing dependable and consistent standby power.

If you are looking for the best home standby generators in Chicago, contact Penco Electric, Inc. To request a free estimate on generators or electrical services, visit them online.

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