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Main Functions of Emergency Services

Emergency services refer to organizations guided toward ensuring public health and safety. Some of these organizations serve one specific purpose, while others serve more universal public health services. On top of that, most of these organizations engage in community awareness programs to teach members of the community about the things they deal with on a daily basis, and how to detect, avoid, and effectively report emergencies when they happen. If you are curious about the main functions of these emergency services in Toronto ON area, here is a guide to each of the main branches.

#1. Law enforcement
This one is pretty basic, and everyone knows about it for the most part. These are police officers, criminal investigators, and any other form of organization whose main purpose is keeping the mass public safe from human threats. This also includes prison systems, which seek to detain and rehabilitate those human threats back into society.

#2. Fire and rescue
This is everything having to do with mitigating and dealing with fire emergencies. Fire prevention, suppression, disposal of hazardous materials etc. It also deals in rescue services, which firemen are often tasked to do as well. Whether it’s a technical rescue, enforcement of building codes, and simple fire safety education at elementary schools.

#3. Emergency medical services
These are paramedics, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who provide service and medical care at the scene of a medical accident. These include aiding anyone injured during an accident, containing the outbreak of an infectious disease, and delivering patients via medical transport to medical facilities such as hospitals when surgery is called for. Any medical professional who works in the field (paramedics, ER doctors, surgeons) are considered to be under this umbrella category.

#4. Emergency management
This is the branch that coordinates and manages the other branches during a particularly insane crisis. This could be anything from a several car pileup, to an armed attack on a populated area, to simply scrambling cop cars and ambulances to the correct places. In that sense, dispatchers are considered part of emergency management, but that honor actually belongs more to the organization FEMA.

There are as many emergency services as there are emergencies to be serviced. But the above four are the ones you’ve heard about, and are most likely to encounter. And if you have any deeper, more specific questions about the various emergency services, contact someone at Harding Fire Protection Service, who will be more than happy to take your questions.

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