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How to Tell If That Good-Looking Single Guy is Flirting with You

When you’re back on the dating scene after several years or more, it can sometimes be difficult to get back into the swing of things. Dating is difficult for someone people from the start, and for divorcees, older singles and single professionals looking to settle down, it can be even more so. Here are some tips to know if that cute single guy is really flirting:

A Lingering Smile

Many people smile at strangers, especially women. However, if his smile is a lingering one that seems to show interest, he might be trying to engage conversation.


Does he single you out for his sole attention? Does he lean in close when you talk, touch your arm or shoulder or fiddle with a piece of your jewelry, hair or clothes? These are excellent signs he might be interested in getting even closer – just be sure that you want him to before you allow it. Remember, you’re in charge of your space.

Nervous Twitches and Tics

If he blushes, laughs nervously at your jokes or looks away frequently, he may actually be interested but intimidated. Give him a little space, and see if he follows. If so, let him know you’re open to talking more!

A Great Memory

If a man remembers things you say, your name after only meeting you once or small details that take you by surprise, it can be a sign of interest in you. If you’re on each other’s minds, it might be worth taking the chance on one another.

He Asks if You’re Single

This is the big one. Most men won’t inquire about something like this unless they’re interested in taking you out. If you’re interested in him as well, make a move. Let him know his efforts aren’t wasted, and you just might walk out with a date!

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