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Choose the Nice Guy!

From Rebel Without a Cause’s Jim Stark to Iron Man’s Tony Stark, people through the generations have always had a thing for bad boys. However, if you want a successful dating life, here are great reasons to start dating the nice guy:

He’s good for you

If you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship or know how it is to be in a relationship with a jerk, someone who doesn’t treat you right or respect you, then hiring a good guy is good for your soul. Mutual respect is always a good component of any relationship.

You’ll learn a lot

We learn a lot from the people we spend the most time with. And if you’re spending that much time with a good guy, then expect to pick up a lot of winning qualities from him. If he’s considerate, knows how to manage his money well or has a great sense of humor, you won’t just enjoy his company, you can learn and adapt some of those qualities too, says Bustle.

Life is easier

Being in a relationship with someone who’s responsive, always available and who won’t flake out on you at the last minute makes your life so much easier. From planning birthday parties to going to the movies, you and your guy won’t have to deal with drama, tension or conflict. You won’t have to worry that he’s dating someone else or cheating on you.

How to find one

Hire a matchmaking service. That’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to find love. If you haven’t been having luck on your own, have a busy schedule or simply don’t know what to do or where to start, reaching out to a matchmaking expert can solve a lot of your problems. With pros by your side, you’re finally that much closer to finding love with a nice guy.

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