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How GPS Surveying Has Changed the Way We See the World

Many years ago, map-making was a laborious, painstaking process. Surveyors – the people responsible for surveying the land around them in detail in order to map it properly – used little more than a pencil, paper, and crude measurement devices alongside the human eye to take note of the land and create the maps other relied on. Even just a few decades ago, mapping was still a relatively antiquated process, leading to few updates made to map that wasn’t strictly necessary. That was until GPS survey equipment came along, and changed the surveying game.

What Is GPS – and How Is It Used in Surveying?

GPS – short for global positioning system – is a technology that uses satellites to assist with finding location. Not just for navigating the earth’s surface, GPS technology also allows us to map it with incredible accuracy. Today’s GPS systems provide precision within a few meters in some locations – and millimeters in others! It’s no wonder so many retailers of land surveying equipment and other technology have welcomed GPS-powered devices into their inventory.

Changing Maps and Changing Minds

Many people who were involved in the art and science of surveying at the time of the advent of GPA technology balked at the idea of overhauling their time-tested methods. Why change what had worked for centuries before? However, when these professionals saw just how much work was possible with so much less effort, they quickly realized the efficiency of GPS surveying equipment made it well worth the investment not only of money but of faith as well.

Increased accuracy in surveying has led to better maps. Today’s mapping is a three-dimensional art that can give people a street-level view of almost any point on earth, and they owe it all to GPS! Contact Frontier Precision for accurate and efficient repair of your equipment.

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