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How to Get the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Breathtaking views, excellent food and the company of friends and family. These are often what people think about when they think about vacation wedding. Before you plan for a destination wedding in Austin, though, here are essential tips to help you pull one off:

See it in person

Don’t decide to hold your wedding in some far-off exotic location without seeing it in person first. Photos aren’t always the best way to find out if a site makes for a good choice for your wedding ceremony and reception venue or not.

Get there early

Don’t get to the venue with only a day or two to spare. Be there a week or even 2 weeks before. That should give you plenty of time on the ground for everything. This is also ideal if you still need to find a few vendors.

Ask for help

It’s not always wise to do everything yourself, says Today. Also, going overboard with the DIY can lead to a ton of stress and hassle, both of which you don’t want. The last thing you want to do is turn your wedding into a stressful experience. If you want something convenient and one that’s going to cause you minimal if not zero stress then go for a package. That’s an excellent way to get your destination wedding in Austin.

Sort out the logistics

Be sure you carefully plan the transfer from the wedding ceremony site to the reception venue. Is it a long drive away? If your guests are going to end up 2 hours on the road because of the traffic or the distance, you might want to rethink your plans.

Provide transportation

Don’t want to have to worry about your guests getting lost along the way? Make it easy for them to get from the church to the reception venue. Provide with them with ready transportation.

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