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Today’s Growing Need for Legal Translation

Life in the U.S. is something that many immigrants idealize and aspire toward before arriving on American soil. Our legal system is known worldwide for its fairness in due process, but there are challenges faced by immigrants in this country as well. When these people do not understand the law – or the language it is written in – it can be difficult to make good choices regarding it. This is why legal translators are important to the modern American immigrant.

The Job of a Legal Translator

Legal translation is not simply the conversion of one language to another. While interpretation is part of the job, these professionals must also have a thorough understanding of the laws they are translating for their clients in order to explain them in terms that they can understand. They may also accompany clients into the courtroom or other areas and interpret live court proceedings, intercede on their clients’ behalf with courtroom personnel and provide other interpretation services to help avoid additional complications and legal trouble.

Qualifications for the Job

As mentioned previously, legal translators do not only need a comprehensive grasp of the languages they are translating between, but also must have legal education and training. Because of this, most legal translation professionals are also paralegals, lawyers or experts in international law. Using this multifaceted understanding of both the laws of the land and the language in which their client needs to have it explained, legal translators bridge the gap between immigrants and the lawmakers who seek to keep citizens and visitors to the country safe.

The most important thing to remember when considering legal translation is that every translator is a human being, providing their own, unique and personal touch to their services. Working with an actual person is something that many people value and provides an extra level of comfort during a process that can be very upsetting. This is why so many people look for translators rather than automated services and why these professionals are making a positive impact on the American legal system.

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