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The Océ PlotWave 450/550 – Good Reasons to Choose Large Format Printing

If it’s time for your company to upgrade to large format printing, you need a machine that can handle the job with the greatest efficiency. In fact, many companies in Charlotte NC are choosing the Océ PlotWave 450/550 model from Canon. It gives you a lot of exciting new features and many reasons to use a wide format machine. Let’s check out some of its benefits.


The 450/550 lets you choose a print only option with two rolls. The multifunction option gives you four rolls. You can print, scan, and copy from the same machine. You may also choose a delivery tray or a plotter folder that connects to the machine.

Working in the Cloud

Your 450/550 is fully integrated with the cloud to give you a wide range of printing and scanning options. You don’t have to be in the office to print or scan documents and email them. In fact, you don’t have to be in Charlotte NC, and as long as you have Internet access, you are fine. The cloud gives a secure source for backing up your work.

Easy to Control

Thanks to the embedded Windows 8 (64 bit) operating system, using the 450/550 is simple and uncomplicated. Just walk up to the machine and use the touch screen controls.

Energy Efficient

Your new large format printing machine will save you on electricity. It doesn’t need standard pressure rollers to print. This doesn’t emit a lot of heat, and there’s no need for a noisy cooling fan, which gives you a very quiet and efficient operation.

Fast Large Format Printing

With some wide format machines, you have to wait a long time. With the 450/550, you can have your work in as little as 30 seconds. This saves a great deal of time over the course of a work day.

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