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Important Features for Time and Attendance Systems

Investing in the right time and attendance systems is an important step for most companies today. There are various reasons for this. First, employers need to have better tracking to monitor their overall investment in labor. Are employees productive? Second, there’s growing compliance requirements becoming a time-expensive burden on many businesses. The right system can fix both of these concerns and provide the best long-term solution. But, what features are important to today’s business owners?

Finding the Features That Matter Most

Not all time and attendance systems are the same. Many offer limited benefits to businesses. Others pack the software product with plenty of options in how it is used and what it can provide. For example, most companies benefit from HRMS imports, which allows for current HRMS, as well as payroll systems or even excel sheets to be imported easily. That ensures consistent user experience Time imports options matter – you need to ensure they can be imported no matter what current system you are using. And, of course, you need to ensure payroll and attendance exports are streamlined and efficient.

Other key services include customization that allows you to customize the software to fit your company’s culture, brand, and processes. You need access to comprehensive employee profiles that can be pulled up instantly or condensed to provide access to employee data. And, you need a punch kiosk that can make getting your employees to work easy to do.

Finding the right time and attendance systems take a bit of time. But it does not have to be overly expensive or hard to put a new system in place. At LightWork, we understand your needs for a comprehensive, reliable product that makes managing your employee’s comings and goings easy to do. Let our team help you find the right solution.

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