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How to Know If My Company Needs a Large Format Printer

You want impact

Your inkjet printer is a good fit if you’re just worried about printing the occasional sign for the breakroom or conference room. However, if you want something with more impact, large format printers can give you amazing results.

Your customers want to stand out

Graphic Arts says it’s always wise to find out what your customers want, especially if you’re providing them with printing services. Like any other smart entrepreneur out there, your clients will want their businesses to stand out. Big custom signs will certainly get the job done. Using the right type of printer for this, though, will be crucial. Without the right machine, you could end up with less than stellar and impressive results that won’t be enough to sway your customers—or much less—their clientele. By investing in the right printer, you can deliver results that hit the mark.

You want excellent detail

Using large format printers gives your images stunning detail and quality. Those are the kind of images that make your clients give your ads or posters a second or third look. This is essential if you want them to come knocking at your door once they see those signs or posters.

Your signs are worn and outdated

If you want to promote your business, it might be time to retire your hand-printed signs and go for printed ones instead. If your signs are already old, worn-out or hopelessly outdated, that could be driving potential customers away. Also, if your signs are all text, it might be time to experiment with a bit of text and image. That could be prove to be a winning combo for your posters.

If you want quality, style and detail out of those images, time to set your inkjet printer aside and go for a unit that can handle large format print jobs instead.

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