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The Top Industrial Hand Dryers

Are you responsible for providing hand dryers for a facility? Unsure about what make and model best suits your needs? Worried about which hand dryer can provide the most durability and style? If so, you may want to check these five industrial hand dryers. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty model or something more energy efficient, these five models can meet all your hand dryer needs!

The Vmax sports a sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. Its vertical style allows the Vmax to collect water in its reservoir that would usually spill on the floor. This model is ideal for noise sensitive facilities.

This hand dryer is ideal for energy efficient facilities. This model sports universal voltage, which allows it to be installed at any facility in the world. It has a stylish design and a plethora of color options.

This industrial hand dryer is known for its heavy-duty output. The Airmax is really the standard bearer for the hand dryer industry. It is suitable for any facility, even those that need features that are resistant to vandalism.

Nova Series
The Nova Series hand dryer is known for its affordability. They come with an economical design, quiet motor, and surface mount capability. The Nova Series is ideal for small industrial settings,

The Airspeed is known for its low sound output. It achieves this with a brushless motor and sound-sensitive technology. This model is a push button air dryer that boasts a long motor life. The Airspeed hand dryer is perfect for facilities that do not receive a lot of traffic.

There you have it, five different industrial hand dryers that serve five different functions. The Vmax, SLIMdir, Airforce, Nova Series, and Airspeed hand dryers are all great options for industrial air dryers. The best part is that all of the listed models possess their own qualities to meet your specific needs!

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