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Creating Embossed Cards With Rubber Stamps And Additional Office Supplies In Oahu

Rubber stamps can be purchased from a company that sells Office Supplies in Oahu and customized, so a unique design, name, or logo is stamped on cards, stationery, or envelopes. If an individual is creating homemade greeting cards to send to friends, the following project describes how to make cards that have an embossed surface.


* card stock
* newspaper sheets
* decorative paper
* stencils
* scissors
* markers
* craft glue
* narrow paintbrush
* rubber stamps
* ink pad
* embossing ink
* embossing powder
* electric heat gun

Attaching Paper Shapes And Adding Words

Sheets of card stock need to be folded in half and laid across a newspaper-covered surface. Stencils can be placed on decorative paper that contains a print or picture. After tracing stencils with a marker, scissors can be used to cut around the tracings. A narrow paintbrush should be used to apply a thin coat of craft glue to the back of each paper shape. Shapes should be pressed firmly against various parts of each card. After the glue has had plenty of time to dry, markers can be used to add text to the front and inside of each card.

Stamping Cards And Embossing Parts Of Each One

Embossing ink should be poured into an ink pad. After pressing rubber stamps against an ink pad’s sponge, stamps should be pressed firmly against the front and inside of a card. Embossing powder needs to be sprinkled across the wet ink. If too much powder is applied to ink, lifting a card slightly will remove any loose powder. A heat gun is a tool that can be used to melt the embossing powder. After turning on a heat gun and adjusting it to a medium or high setting, the tip of a gun should be aimed at the embossing powder-covered sections.

A heat gun needs to be moved slowly back and forth. As time passes, the powder will melt and form a slightly raised, smooth surface. It is important not to apply too much heat to embossing powder. If a heat gun is used for longer than needed, embossed sections or card stock could develop a yellow or brown tinge.

After completing this project, an individual who would like to purchase additional Office Supplies in Oahu can find more information about specific items if they visit an office supply company website.

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