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Enhance Your Brand with a Corporate History Book Publisher

Whether your brand is 20 years old or 200 years old a corporate history book publisher can help to create a history book that will enhance your brand. Your corporate history is vital to your corporate future. Establishing a legacy for your brand starts with telling the story of your brand.

Perfect for Anniversaries

A corporate history book publisher can help to get the word out about an important “corporate anniversary”. A book that can be used for marketing, information and entertainment is a great option to mark an important anniversary date.  The book itself will become a part of the corporate history and culture that will be shared for generations into the future. It is the perfect way to introduce your corporate history to other businesses, consumers and employees.


A book or brochure is a great advertising tool for your business. Corporate history will:

  *   Drive interest in your business
  *   Establish the businesses heritage
  *   Promote trust in the business
  *   Entertain

Driving interest in your business can mean opening the path to more business. A book adds a professional touch. People enjoy having something tangible to read. It helps to establish the serious nature of your brands heritage no matter how old that heritage is. Moving into the future the book will become an asset to the company as a measuring tool of where you were and where you have gone since the publication.


Established businesses that share their stories earn the consumers trust and the trust of other businesses. A book is a simple yet effective tool in sharing the corporate history with others and doing it in an engaging way.


A book is a great way to provide entertainment for clients that are waiting and you never know someday that book may become a collector’s item. The History Factory has publication options.

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