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How To Choose Green Office Janitorial Supplies in Milwaukee WI

The trend in cleaning supplies is definitely leaning towards being as green and as non-toxic as possible. Sometimes, though, the best products are hard to choose due to the sheer amount of claims that companies make. Here are some tips on how to choose the best green Office Janitorial Supplies in Milwaukee WI.

  • Watch out for labels that are misleading. Just because a label says the product is 100% natural or organic does not necessarily mean that it is the best cleaner for the job. Arsenic is 100% natural, but it certainly should not be used for cleaning things. Make sure to read all ingredient labels to make sure it is known exactly what is in each cleaner being used.
  • Train each janitorial employee to use the right product for the job. One of the easiest ways for a business to reduce its environmental footprint is to minimize the waste that incorrect cleaning can bring. For instance, one would not use glass cleaner to mop the floor with. This would not only entail having to perform the cleaning job again but would result in the original cleaning solution used being wasted.
  • There is a saying that goes “the solution to pollution is the correct amount of dilution.” This means that purchasing concentrated products and then using the recommended dilution ratio is the way to when seeking to cut down on unnecessary waste. This is because more product which is usable can be shipped using far fewer resources to transport said product.
  • Make the most out of the Office Janitorial Supplies in Milwaukee WI by using the correct water temperature. Many cleaning products are actually temperature-specific, so the maximum cleaning efficiency can be gained by making sure the correct water temperature is being used. This cuts down on the amount of product that is needed to get the job done.

Find more information about green and environmentally friendly janitorial products by clicking here. A customer service rep can answer any questions and even recommend which products may be the best for each job. Don’t settle for uninformed guesswork, make sure the supplies being used are the best available. Your business deserves no less.

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