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Setting Up the Perfect Fashion Runway

If your big event requires a fashion runway, there are great options available to you! Custom design stages and runways allow you to create a runway that fits every need you may have, whether it is for fashion shows some other big event. Runway setups include a number of great features that can help make your event unlike anting ever seen before! When setting up runways for your event, there are several things you need to think about during the process of setting up for a fashion show:

The Length of the Runway
How long you make your runway can be a very important point to consider. If it is too short there will not be enough time for the models to get down the runway for the fashion show.

The Height of the Runway
How high off the ground you build the runway is important too. It should easily transition from the stage area and be high enough to be easily seen by the audience but no so high as to make a fall dangerous.

The Width of the Runway
Decide how wide you need your runway to be. Are there going to be two lines of models walking down at the same time or just one? There must be ample room for everyone walking the ramp.

The Lighting of the Runway
The way you light the runway can also affect how the finished show looks. Too much or too little light can be dangerous for the models and the wrong type of light affects how things looks to the audience.

The Ambiance of the Runway
The way the runway is laid out, set up, and decorated can go a long way in creating a certain look and feel to the entire show and will help set the mood for the audience.

All of these factors and more play into how your final show looks. To get the best of the best in fashion runways call us today and schedule an appointment with our design experts.

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