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Why Choose Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools for Your Shop?

When you do machining work, it doesn’t take long to dull and wear out cutting tools. You can use lubricant and exercise great care, but some metals are harder to work with, and they are harder on equipment. When you buy high-quality carbide tools like Tool Flo inserts, your company enjoys a lot of benefits.

What is Carbide?

The term “carbide” refers to an alloy called tungsten carbide. It’s made by blending tungsten with carbon. Why is carbon so special? When you add carbon to iron, it becomes tougher and harder and turns into steel. Tungsten is a very hard metal and becomes harder and easier to work with when combined with carbon. Tungsten carbide is powder or grit and can be formed into shapes when mixed with binders containing other metals. Also, tungsten makes the perfect coating for cutting edges on things like Tool Flo inserts.

Why Use Harder Cutting Tools?

When the metal you cut is softer than the cutting tool, the tool keeps its edge longer. In fact, the harder the cutting surface, the longer it remains sharp. Dull cutting surfaces are common problems in machine shops, and when you increase cutting tool life, you save a lot of money on tools.

For some metals, you need hard and sharp tools for cutting. For instance, stainless steel is not the easiest metal to cut or shape, and carbide coated Tool Flo inserts are the cutting tools of choice. Sharp cutting tools limit problems like chip buildup and make the machining process easier and more accurate.  This is important for precision machining.


You may wonder why more expensive tools like Tool Flo inserts are cost-effective, when they cost more. The truth is, carbide inserts save you money. They last longer, stay sharp longer, and you get money back when you recycle them.

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