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Tips for Selecting the Best Long Island Wines

When the topic of great wine comes up, most of the conversation revolves around vineyards in California, Mexico and Europe. Areas like New Jersey do not enter that conversation often, if at all. While it is not known for it’s vineyards, the Long Island Wines that are being produced are quite good. Knowing how to select the right wine is key in enjoying fine wines. Here are some tips that will make wine selection very easy.

First, it is key to think about the foods to be paired with wine. The old advice of red wine with red meat and white wine for white meat is too simple of a rule. The wine pairing needs to be a little deeper than just the type of meat. Typically, a heavier food with butter sauces and heavy gravy will pair best with a light crisp wine. Lighter foods such as seafood will pair better with a more substantial wine. For spicier foods, a sweeter wine will pair very nicely. If champagne is on the menu, make sure to serve delicate foods with less texture.

Second, asking for help or suggestions will be very helpful. Any high quality liquor store will have knowledgeable staff members to help make suggestions. There is also a wine rating system that can serve as a guide and usually any rating over a 90 should be pretty good. It is very helpful to know what is being served for the meal and other taste preferences.

The third tip is to do plenty of research. There are many different websites to visit that will have a list of up and coming Long Island Wines to try. Pick a few from the list and read what other people have thought about it. Once at the liquor store, experienced staff members can shed more light on it or even suggest other similar wines.

Finally, it will be incredibly helpful to keep track of the wines that have been tasted. Along with keeping track of the wines tasted, be sure to include descriptions of the wine and if possible, the label from the bottle. Not only can this become a fun hobby, but it will make future selections much easier.

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