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Welcome to Salalah!

Salalah, the 2nd-largest city within the province of Dhofar, sits on Oman’s south coast. It is the traditional home of the Sultan of Oman, and is well-known as the country’s perfume capital, maybe because of their frankincense trees which grow inside the lush countryside that surrounds it.

Salalah’s climate

The climate in Salalah, with its monsoon (khareef) season means that this region is robust in wildlife and plants, which include species more typically discovered in Africa, such as baobab trees, hyenas, and leopards. Plantations of papayas and bananas provide the region a tropical feel, although it is surrounded by desert.

Leading things to do and see

Stroll around Kohr Rori’s ruins, a fortified, ancient port that dates from 100 BC.

Look through historical stone carvings and ancient inscriptions, and study the city’s frankincense traditions within the Salalah Museum.

Enjoy the peaceful ambiance and take a quiet moment inside the Tomb of Nabi Ayoub, in which there is a tiny mosque and flowering tree garden.

Check out mountains, lakes, caves, and waterfalls at Wadi Darbat’s natural park, about 20 kilometers east of the city. Be certain to visit while the khareef is going on to look at the countryside while it is at its most lively and green.

Purchase local perfumes and frankincense at the Al-Husn Souk. You also will locate Omani textiles and clothes on offer.

Check out the ancient city’s ruins of Zafar at the Al Baleed’s Archaeological Park, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Traveler’s Tips

Come and enjoy a day out at the Marneef Cave, around 40 kilometers from Salalah, in which it’s possible to view the surf explode through blowholes inside the rock, and gather sea shells on its beach.

While visiting Salalah, don’t forget to check into one of the Salalah Boutique Hotels; for instance, the 4-star Fanar Hotel and Residences is especially nice. Check out their amazing photo gallery. Taste the region, and delightful array of international foods, inside one of the hotel bars or restaurants, or merely relax by the pool and allow the relaxing scents of sandalwood and frankincense help you gradually unravel.

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