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Benefits of Ball End Tools

You might not think the very end of wrench or tool has a lot to do with function or efficiency. However, this is not the case with ball end tools. The ball end tool is a simple but practical design found in Bondhus tools. Here are some of the good things these tools can provide.

What is a Ball End Tool?

Most standard hex or Allen wrench tools are straight all the way down, but ball end hex wrenches have a rounded ball on the end of the tool. This offers several benefits, such as:

  • Quicker and easier tool insertion – inserting the tool is much faster and can be done from a variety of angles. In fact, it can even be done blindly (when vision is obstructed).
  • Insertion is easier due to the “funneling” effect of the tool end. This makes tool insertion almost fool-proof.
  • Can be used in high speed applications with no problems. Even at 500 RPM, operation is smooth.
  • Stripping can be a big problem in some applications. However, tool stripping is not increased by using ball end Bondhus tools. Ball end tools can result in significant time savings while increasing shop efficiency.

Things to Know about Ball End Shop Tools

No tool is perfect and there can be some downsides with this tool design, so it’s best to be aware of these things:

  • One must be careful with the torque process – in fact, it’s best to torque about twenty percent less. This helps to decrease the chances of tool breakage.
  • Ball end tool wear can be faster than standard tools.
  • The greater the angle of usage, the lower the torque requirements will be.
  • The best way to get the most wear and efficiency is to choose high quality ball end tools made by companies like Bondhus Tools.

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