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How to Prevent Over Building an Aircraft

Despite the multiple standards and procedures that go into the manufacture of an aircraft, or any aerospace equipment, it is still easy for aircraft to become ‘over built’. Manufacturers can use more components than they need without even realizing it, driving up the cost and making the building and repairs last much longer than they need to. Using these tips can help you to prevent this and produce aircraft to the best quality possible:

1. Use the Right Equipment

Aviation Today says that it is easy to assume that all aircraft are over built and use that as an excuse not to buy the right equipment. The truth is, you still need the right equipment from a NASM bolt manufacturer, you just need to ensure that what you are using is done in the right way. Keeping an inventory and sticking to it strictly will help you with this.

2. Simplify the Process

Despite this, leaving out some components if they aren’t needed is still wise. Forbes magazine says that the KISS principle, ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’ is a wise way to perform any task, and especially to learn new things that are complex and difficult to pick up. The same principle can be applied to manufacturing to ensure aircraft contain only the essential components without any expensive and unnecessary peripherals.

3. Avoid Luxuries

There may be many impressive pieces of equipment on sale from a NASM bolt manufacturer, but they should be bought only when you need them and not just because they are nice to have. Luxuries and additions can be left to commercial airlines and private jets, not to the manufacturing side.

Using the KISS principle to ensure you are buying only the essential equipment and not any expensive luxuries will ensure your aircraft are built to high standards and not over built or lacking in essential areas.

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