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Should You Display Your Art in a Gallery?

So, you have finally finished a piece that you have been working on for months, and now you are ready to show it off. Sure, you could list it online and hope someone likes it enough to buy it, or you could sell it yourself at a public market, but one of the best ways is to work with a gallery. Art galleries work with artists and collectors to bring them together. So, what’s so great about an art gallery and why should you work with one of the large art galleries in Chicago?


Art galleries live off of their reputation. Collectors come to them because they know that they are going to find art that appeals to their taste there. Because of this, galleries are very selective of the work they choose to feature. While this may seem like an obstacle at first, you must realize that it helps you, as an artist, as well. The people running the gallery can usually predict if a piece will be sold at their gallery or not, so if they refuse it, then chances are good that you would not have made a sale anyway. On the other hand, if you can get your work into a gallery then there is a good chance of being discovered by a collector.


When you are selling a piece yourself, you have to manage the listing if you are selling online or attend your piece or stand while at a public market. This takes time and effort that could be spent getting started on your next work. With a gallery, the gallery sells the piece for you similar to a consignment store. This does mean that you will have to share the profit, but it a much more hands-off approach to making a sale.

In the end, it is a personal decision and no one answer is right for everyone, but in general working with a gallery is the best way to get your name out there and to make a sale without having to put in the hours yourself.

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