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How To Buy Mercury Spill Kits

Mercury is a dangerous element. Measures should always be in place in homes, offices, and workplaces that have mercury on site. Even something as minor as a broken thermometer can be a risk to a homeowner’s health if the mercury is cleaned up improperly. Keeping an emergency spill kit on hand for all your hazardous chemicals is a great idea, but homes and worksites should also have a kit in place in the event mercury spills as well. The tools required to clean up mercury safely and effectively are drastically different from those used for other types of chemical spills. Here are a few tips on how to buy mercury spill kits, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Tip #1: Buy From Experts

Spill kits are available just about everywhere, but only the most reputable vendors will have spill kits capable of effectively cleaning spills in a safe way. Rather than purchasing your spill kit from a department store, go to a specialty safety store. They can give you a kit suited to your individual needs, and can even provide you with detailed instructions on its use. Ask about expiry dates, and if any individual items will need to be replaced on a regular basis before you leave the store. This knowledge can help you ensure you have the safest kit in the event of a spill.

Tip #2: Buy The Right Size

The size of the kit you purchase should match up with the volume of mercury that could potentially spill at once. If you purchase a kit that is too large, you may find that most of it will go to waste. A kit that is too small won’t be enough to get the job done properly, and could even cause more harm than good. When you speak with a sales representative, mention the amount of mercury in your home or office, and he or she can match you up with a suitable kit.

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