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Why You Should Consider Investing In Window Stickers/Decals

Companies everywhere search for inexpensive ways to advertise their services, goods, or other things. It is imperative that you choose multiple marketing strategies, but most business owners neglect window stickers as a useful tool. Companies like Gecko Sticker Signage can help you create a custom design or choose from a wide variety of options already designed for you.

Express Yourself

Vehicles are an essential part of daily life for most people, and they usually use it as a way to express themselves and what they believe in. It’s up to you to get in on this phenomenon by using window stickers or decals. Your information can be displayed prominently on the bumper or back window of someone’s vehicle, potentially reaching thousands of potential customers without having to do much.


If you’re new to the industry or recently had some damaging blows, it is time to change other people’s perception of you. You’ve probably got a team established to help you with press releases, publicity stunts and the like, but window stickers can also help. Handing them out for free immediately intrigues people, and when they place them on their vehicle or somewhere else of prominence, you get the positive attention you deserve. It is a visual form of word-of-mouth that can pull you out of a slump.


While most consider them decorations, they can be placed almost anywhere, including the boot, windows, and bumper. You can choose to have some printed for use on company cars, as well as hand them out to loyal and potential customers through events and regular shopping excursions.


If you choose to use these window stickers on company vehicles and hand them out to employees, you’ve got a cost-free marketing technique, once you’ve purchased the stickers. They go wherever the car goes, so everyone knows what you sell and where to go.

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