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How Can Lighting Design In Melbourne Benefit Your Project?

Most people don’t realise it, but lighting design isn’t just about making it easier to see or adding appeal to the building. Project designers and building owners are just now beginning to understand the advantage of lighting design in Melbourne thoroughly. Primarily, electrical engineers were used for these aspects, but they only focus on the practical. Designers know how light is perceived by a human’s eyes.


Lighting design in Melbourne is considered a science, which means that to be good in the industry, they must be educated and kept up-to-date about all the newest technology and advancements. One such company is Solution Red, as they have been in the business long enough to know what works for whom and what doesn’t. They can be trusted to be visually inspiring with their lights, as well as practical, no matter what your event entails.


Primarily, the methods used will differ depending on the facility and what is required. For example, if your venue is located in a pub or community centre, you will need different lights. Pubs are usually darker and earthier in nature, while community centres are usually brighter and larger, requiring more light.

It is imperative that the company you select knows what the event will be about so that they can determine what lighting is needed. Plus, it’s not just about hanging lights all around. They will want to create something visually appealing, or a design of some sort. For example, many companies ask that their logo is showcased in lights.


Another thing to consider, when hiring lighting design companies in Melbourne, is how well they are educated. This isn’t to say that some companies don’t hire people off the street with a natural designing nature. However, they have likely gone to school to learn about the science of light, as well.

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