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How Does VOIP Phone Service Work

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. As the name suggests, VoIP allows internet connection to place phone calls, bypassing the charges imposed by local phone companies. VoIP phone service makes use of online software to make the calls. The increased functionality and decreased costs are two major factors that have resulted in the popularity of VoIP services.

Working of VoIP

VoIP Phone service converts the analog voice signal into digital signal. These signals can be transmitted over the internet. VoIP allows you to make phone calls to traditional telephones. In that case, the signals are once again converted to analog signal before reaching the destination. You can place a call in three different ways with the help of VoIP service.

     *     IP phones that resemble traditional analog phones that are have RJ-45 connectors;

From one computer to another by using a software; and

     *     By connecting adaptors, also known as ATAs or analog telephone adaptors between standard telephones and internet connection or laptops.

     *     VoIP can also allow calls to be placed through wireless hotspots. As long as there is broadways connectivity, the calls can be placed at ease.

Requirements for VoIP Phone Service

In order to provide a reliable VoIP phone service, a fast internet connection with low latency and high bandwidth is required. To make a call over the internet, a PC or laptop, adaptors and specialized IP phones are required.

VoIP is extremely reliable for business travelers as they can carry their ATAs or IP phones along on their trips and remain in contact with their family members and colleagues.

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