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Know the Lowest to Highest Prices of Police Supplies

If you are a police officer, you definitely want to make sure that your equipment is high quality and is efficient to use, but not compromising to your budget. Expensive brands don’t always assure the best quality. To be sure, try checking the equipment alongside their prices. You should also be picky about the stores you buy from because some of them may offer discount police supplies.

Lower Prices

The items with lower prices are handcuffs. Handcuffs prices range from $19.95 up to $47.59. Prices differ because of the materials they are made from. The majority of police supply merchandisers carry them in stock as they are not most often purchased.

Costly Items

Some unique devices are much more costly. There is a device called the electronic watch dog, which comes with a remote control. It costs $72.50. Another item are the fashionable sunglasses that can record videos. They may cost $99.95. Omni-Directional Audio Monitoring System and HD Touch Screen Mobile DVR Kit are items that can cost $400 and up.

If you want to order specialized equipment, you should book your orders as soon as you’re sure of what you want because they will take extra time to get to you. Check your store if they offer discount police supplies.

Look Up More Information

The prices that are stated above are from Safety Basement. They are a company that provides police and other professional supplies that can also be purchased online. You can check on their site for discount police supplies and other equipment such as cold weather gloves and emergency kits. Also, they sell different security devices for homes or businesses. Their site is a trusted source for all kinds of police equipment. When you check out their site,

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