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Stay in the Suites in Moorhead, MN, before Journeying to the Mississippi

Visitors to northern Minnesota generally like to stay in hotel suites in Moorhead, MN, or Fargo because they are close to some short day-trip attractions. For example, you can visit the Itasca State Park, which is just about 97 miles away from the Holiday Inn Fargo. The park is home to the headwaters of the great Mississippi River. The river starts its journey in Lake Itasca and flows toward the mighty Gulf of Mexico.

Why You Should Stay in the Moorhead Area

When you book hotel suites, it is best to stay within the Moorhead-Fargo area as you can also enjoy local entertainment in the form of golf, hiking, and culture. Not only is the area base for a number of art galleries, it is also home to several golf links. You can even play golf indoors if you like.

Visiting Itasca State Park

An outing to Itasca State Park from the Moorhead-Fargo area is an ideal day trip, as the park is one escape you won’t forget anytime soon. Not only can you fish, but you can also birdwatch, geocache, or view the scenery. Naturally, seeing the beginning point of the Mississippi is the highlight of this adventure.

Northern Minnesota Offers Plenty to See and Do

If you are looking at hotel suites in northern Minnesota, the best place to establish a central location for your stay is in the Moorhead-Fargo area. As noted, you can find plenty to see and do in the northern part of the state during both summer and winter. Fishing, cross-country skiing, golf, and boating are some of the popular activities. Itasca State Park spans over 32,000 acres, and you will find plenty to occupy your time when you visit this natural site.

To book a vacation in Moorhead-Fargo, go online and review the festivals and tourist attractions in the area. That way, you can better plan your itinerary and schedule activities for each day of your stay. The Holiday Inn Fargo provides the best hotel services with variety of suites for your need.

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