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Justice Of The Peace Weddings

Texas weddings are well organized from start to finish with the Justice of the Peace weddings available to administer the jovial event.  The wedding ceremony is usually simple and sweet for a meaningful event to take place in a short period. There are many qualified and anointed wedding ministers who are dedicated to perform exquisite weddings according to the specific preferences of the happy couple.

Reverence Event

Wedding ministers grace the event to bless the happy couple with long life and good relations. These weddings could be conducted in any language such as English or Spanish. There are many professional non-denominational wedding ministers as well as Christian wedding ministers who are ready to be the wedding official in a Texas wedding according to the law.

A Justice of the Peace refers to a court judge with fewer legal privileges. These officials are also known as magistrates or solicitor general to settle minor disputes with the authority to perform wedding ceremonies for couples.

Their appointment is by the law without specific denomination to conduct secular weddings particularly with same sex marriages which are becoming more common and growing in demand. Hence, there is a growing demand for Justices with churches refusing to conduct certain wedding ceremonies.

These law-appointed wedding ministers have the authority to conduct wedding ceremonies with the power vested in them by local authorities.

Simple Marriage Requirements

A marriage in Texas could be consummated with the approved license which could be procured through the Justice of the Peace weddings who conduct the wedding ceremony. The license is available during weekdays at the county office with cash.

Every marriage ceremony conducted by the Justice undergoes a simple procedure with the appropriate marriage application form filled up and signed before paying the license fee. The marriage license would be issued when the right information is supplied even if the wedding ceremony is not conducted in Texas.

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