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Tractors For Work And Tractors For Recreation In Lumberton

The word “tractor” comes from a Latin word meaning “to pull,” and the first tractors were simply engines on wheels that could drive farm equipment. Tractors were steam-powered and used exclusively for plowing fields until well into the 20th century. Gasoline engines became popular in the early 1900s when Ford released the Fordson in 1917, and they had become a standard by the 1920s. Another innovation that became standard not long after was the three-point hitch attachment system which allowed the tractor to utilize other farm implements. Still today, a tractor is a basic necessity for farming.

Tractors all have large, heavy wheels and a powerful motor for pulling machinery. A typical tractor is a four-wheeled vehicle with two large wheels in the back, just behind the seat, and two smaller ones in the front; most tractors are two wheel drive. A “crawler” or “caterpillar” type tractor uses wide tracks driven by two or more wheels, and this type of tractor is best for use on soft or wet ground.

Tractors are made for a variety of farming applications, such as plowing, planting, and harrowing. Utility tractors, which are smaller and have a lower center of gravity, are used for land grading or landscaping and excavation. They may use attachments like a front loader, a backhoe, or a pallet fork. Tractors are also used extensively in construction and manufacturing. The bulldozer is a very powerful type of tractor that is used in many non-farming applications.

While tractors were developed as working vehicles, many people also use Tractors For Recreation in Lumberton. All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are off-road vehicles that drivers can take anywhere from mountain trails to dunes on the beach. Depending on how you want to use an ATV, there are several types to choose from. Sports ATVs are relatively lightweight vehicles that are known for handling speed well. Despite its huge motor, electric utility ATVs are preferred by hunters for traveling quietly into the woods. Side by side ATVs include a seat for a passenger, and in some areas, this type of vehicle is approved for highway use. Finally, youth ATVs are a small, much less powerful version that is safe for children to ride for fun. If you are looking for Tractors For Recreation in Lumberton, you can get more information at visit website.

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