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Walk-In Bathtubs are Stylish and Provide Safe Access

Have you decided it is time to update your bathtub? Your bathroom is like your very own sanctuary after a busy day, and you want a bathtub that is stylish and easy to get into. You enjoy taking a long warm bath, but sometimes you dread climbing in and out of the bathtub. With walk-in bathtubs you simply push the door forward and step inside the tub, there is no more climbing over the tub to get in. There will be a comfortable cushion seat for you to sit on and then you fill the tub up with water. These types of bathtubs are beneficial for all ages and are especially great for people who are elderly or suffer from a disability or arthritis. There is a team of professional interior designers that offers a walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh.

Interior Designers Will Work with You from Start to Finish

Once you make an appointment with the interior designers, they will come to your home to measure your bathroom area. This helps them get a better idea of what kind of walk-in bathtub will better fit your bathroom. The interior designers will discuss with your needs and wants concerning the bathtub you wish to have installed. They will go to their showroom and combine your specifications with their ideas onto a drawing board; this will make your project a custom creation of your own. When they are finished, they will set up an appointment for you to come by the showroom to present you with the design they came up with. The designers will continue to work with you until they make the design you want that fits into your lifestyle. They can show you samples of materials and hardware along with door finishes for your bathtub.

Install a Walk-In Bathtub

When you are satisfied with the design the designers came up with there will be an experienced crew visit your home to install your new bathtub. Not only will you have a stylish and secure bathtub, but you also will have a bathtub that is unique and different from anybody else. The designer’s main goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your new bathtub and the services they provided for you. Contact us today for more information regarding our walk-in bathtubs!

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