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Restaurant Designers in Los Angeles Invoke Atmosphere and Style to Avoid That Terrible 60% Failure Rate

Rumor has it that 95% of restaurant businesses fail in the first year. It is a rumor that has been perpetrated for a little too long. Encouragingly, the number is not nearly that high in reality. But, it is still quite high. 60% of small restaurant businesses fail in the first five years. This is a far cry from the widely touted rate of 95%.

It does certainly show that a majority of restaurant businesses simply do not work out. The five-year number is particularly distressing. Oddly, it is also suggested that restaurants typically do not start making money until about five years has passed. So, the moment an average restaurant starts profiting, it also has a likely chance of failing.

The numbers really illuminate one big fact about restaurant ownership- it isn’t easy. Avoiding these problems may likely begin with the construction and the design. Restaurant designers in Los Angeles can help in this area by offering an alluring template. The restaurant should offer something that is new within the community. The same-old aesthetics and design choices will not be enough to compete, particularly against businesses that have a firm grip in the area.

People want a name brand. If they do not have a name brand or something recognizable, they need to be won over. This is where Restaurant Designers in Los Angeles can be a serious asset. They will offer advice in the design, such as expanding the window space, adding a particularly attractive centerpiece, or organizing the room to allow for greater atmosphere. Orchid Construction is a local restaurant design and construction firm that renovates restaurants so they can compete in the intensely competitive city of Los Angeles. They help owners avoid the fate that a majority of restaurant owners inevitably see.

Reach out to the team for more. They can offer fantastic ideas for constructing an innovative restaurant space. They will even be able to adjust the current space and offer advice with more scrutiny. Tackling the renovation or construction of a restaurant from the ground up is an ambitious project. But, doing it right could mean bucking the failure rate of modern restaurants and adding something truly fresh to the city.

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