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Pros and Cons of Car Security Systems

Nobody wants to go outside only to discover that their car has been stolen. While car theft is less common now than in the past, it is still a significant problem, and many of the cars that are stolen are never recovered. Car Security Systems can help limit the risk of theft and increase the chances of recovering stolen vehicles, depending on the type of security system chosen.

The typical loud car alarms don’t really help much with preventing car theft and don’t help at all with recovering stolen cars. Car thieves often know how to disable the car alarms that come standard on many vehicles, and the other, more effective, types of car alarms tend to be very expensive and thus not practical options for the typical car owner. This doesn’t mean that consumers shouldn’t do anything to help protect their car’s security. Smart keys and other immobilizing devices make it harder to steal a car, as the car can’t be hot wired, but if the car is particularly desirable the thieves may simply tow away the car or strip any valuables from the car where it sits, so you can’t rely on these types of devices alone.

No Car Security Systems are 100 percent effective at preventing theft and ensuring the recovery of stolen vehicles. The best bet is often to rely on multiple types of car security devices. For example, consumers can get their car’s VIN number etched on their car’s windows, windshield, and other commonly stolen components and install a tracking system as well. This combination makes it so the parts of the car can’t be sold off, as they’re no longer untraceable, which in turn makes it less likely to be stolen. It also makes it, so if the car is still stolen, it can be tracked and potentially recovered. LoJack systems are very reliable for tracking cars and often used by police, but because they’re so expensive, they’re best left for high-end cars. There is a number of GPS tracking units available that can help serve the same purpose. Some car insurance companies will give consumers a discount on their insurance premiums if they install any of these types of devices in their cars, so be sure to ask when weighing the pros and cons of installing the various types of security systems.

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